Long Easter weekend 2013

Finally a long weekend with no plans or appointments. Although we are in Australia for 3 years now, and we are adapting the aussie lifestyle, we are still not infected with the easter show fever (yet?). Honestly, we do not understand all the fuss about the show bags. Maybe we missed it in our childhood. The only reason we would go there one day is to see the biggest pumpkin of the year and the prettiest cake.


No instead of taking the bus to the easter show Continue reading “Long Easter weekend 2013”


No time to relax with the Kemna Family. It has been a while since our last post, and a lot happend since. Everything is going fine and this week we are experiencing the hot Syndey summer, including the hottest night in many many years. The temperature did not drop under 30 degrees. The newspaper of today says:”41 degrees: Sydney’s sixth day of sizzling”. With some sadness we think back to our Dutch home in Nieuwegein where we installed Airconditioning in the bedrooms, to stay cool and have a good sleep on that terrible hot day in The Netherlands ;). Continue reading “Changes”

Off-topic: How salary caps are not the answer to fair play

I’ve been down under for just over a month now and during that time it got out in the open that one of the best National Rugby League teams, the Melbourne Storm, has breached a ‘salary cap’ and they have been punished by the takeaway of their 2007 and 2009 titles, as well as a financial punishment of $500000 and all their 2010 points being wiped. Today, however, they won 40-6, so they are on their way back anyway. But more important, as this is a huge news item Down Under, let’s investigate on what really happened. Rugby is a … Continue reading Off-topic: How salary caps are not the answer to fair play