Long Easter weekend 2013

Finally a long weekend with no plans or appointments. Although we are in Australia for 3 years now, and we are adapting the aussie lifestyle, we are still not infected with the easter show fever (yet?). Honestly, we do not understand all the fuss about the show bags. Maybe we missed it in our childhood. The only reason we would go there one day is to see the biggest pumpkin of the year and the prettiest cake.


No instead of taking the bus to the easter show Continue reading “Long Easter weekend 2013”


No time to relax with the Kemna Family. It has been a while since our last post, and a lot happend since. Everything is going fine and this week we are experiencing the hot Syndey summer, including the hottest night in many many years. The temperature did not drop under 30 degrees. The newspaper of today says:”41 degrees: Sydney’s sixth day of sizzling”. With some sadness we think back to our Dutch home in Nieuwegein where we installed Airconditioning in the bedrooms, to stay cool and have a good sleep on that terrible hot day in The Netherlands ;). Continue reading “Changes”

Off-topic: How salary caps are not the answer to fair play

I’ve been down under for just over a month now and during that time it got out in the open that one of the best National Rugby League teams, the Melbourne Storm, has breached a ‘salary cap’ and they have been punished by the takeaway of their 2007 and 2009 titles, as well as a financial punishment of $500000 and all their 2010 points being wiped. Today, however, they won 40-6, so they are on their way back anyway. But more important, as this is a huge news item Down Under, let’s investigate on what really happened. Rugby is a … Continue reading Off-topic: How salary caps are not the answer to fair play

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell…

It has been a moving week, our last week in Holland for a long, long, perhaps even longer, time. It started out on Tuesday morning when we had to part with out cats. Of course, Monday, we discovered that we missed one stamp on their export forms, so Melissa had to improvise and jumped in the car to get that final stamp. All our efforts to take the cats with us to Australia would have been in vein if that stamp would have been missing on their documents. Nevertheless, at 7am on Tuesday the doorbell rang and after a quick … Continue reading Goodbye, So Long, Farewell…

[dutch] de wereld is doorgedraaid…

Het nu volgende bericht wordt bij voorkeur niet gelezen door mensen die weigeren kritisch te zijn ofwel anderzijds banden hebben met misdadige organisaties zoals er zijn de overheid, belastingdienst, makelaarskantoren alsmede grootbanken. U bent gewaarschuwd. Daarbij is het gepubliceerd voor alleen leden van deze website. Een flinke tijd terug al weer was ik met mijn toenmalige vriendin (inmiddels vrouw, alsmede moeder van mijn kinderen, tja, ik ben nu eenmaal burgerlijk) op vakantie in Australië. Wij hadden het daar samen enorm naar ons zin en één van de dingen die ons opviel aan het leven down under was met name de relaxedheid, … Continue reading [dutch] de wereld is doorgedraaid…

Moving Phase Two

So, last week we moved to my parents’ house and all our own stuff was sent of in a sea container to be shipped to Australia. Today, our container was loaded on the cargo ship that will arrive in Sydney around the 8th of March. So, come to think of it, our stuff will be in Australia long before we’ll arrive. Last week we started to get acquainted to ‘living out of a suitcase’. Because all our own stuff is shipped, we’ll now have to do with whatever clothes we took with us. Of course, the first day, I messed … Continue reading Moving Phase Two

Moving Phase One

So, when we booked the flight, we got a date. We booked the temporary new housing so we know where we are when we land in Sydney, but there were still a few things to manage: Select items you really need close by, put them in a suitcase. Ship out all your other stuff. Find a place to live between the days when all your stuff is in transit and the flight. It wasn’t that hard to select the items we really need, basically, it’s clothes. It’s freakin’ cold here, so you really do need sweaters, coats, whatever keeps you … Continue reading Moving Phase One

a place to live (for a while)

So, last time we booked, set a date etc, etc. Not far from today, all our stuff that we won’t take with us in our hand baggage, will be put into a container to be shipped overseas. So, from that point onwards, we’ll be living from our suitcases. This is a weird thing to do actually, as here, now, on the northern hemisphere, it’s winter. So we need thick clothing, heavy shoes, winter jackets etc. But, when we arrive in Sydney, on the southern hemisphere, it’ll be end of summer. So what do you put in your suitcase? Warmer winter … Continue reading a place to live (for a while)

Visa Granted!

Ok, ok… I should have told you earlier, but the fact is, I just couldn’t believe that after 27 months of waiting we finally got our visa. When Rob from Move2Australia called us (heck, I think it was around 4am HIS time, now that’s commitment) at 17.45’ish on july 1st I didn’t have words. My wife actually broke down in tears and I at first thought we were denied. But the news Rob brought was not the end of something. Ofcourse, it was the end of waiting and waiting and waiting and, well, waiting. But it was also the start … Continue reading Visa Granted!

What?! Finally?

After 13 months of silence, finally something has happened! We were assigned a case officer just last Monday! This means the DIAC has actually opened our file and requested medical and justicial information from us. The longest wait is over now. With the economical crisis and such, we were pretty afraid nothing would happen for a long time. Finally we can go ahead and get the final few documents. Actually, we arranged for those documents and made arrangements for the medicals the next day, but it’s still pretty exiting to see that things are finally moving again. This also means … Continue reading What?! Finally?


Even though it looked al well on our last post, today, we are somewhat dissapointed. When the Australian government changed the law on immigration late August 2007, a surplus of over 20000 applications were filed just before that closing date. This now slows down the normal immigration process so that the last few months the counter has been stuck on October 2007. Normally, applications are always assessed 8 months late, but because of that law change, the system slowed to over 12 months. And with the ongoing maladies regarding the economy world wide, we’re almost in dispair. The ‘what if?’s … Continue reading Sigh….