Long Easter weekend 2013

Finally a long weekend with no plans or appointments. Although we are in Australia for 3 years now, and we are adapting the aussie lifestyle, we are still not infected with the easter show fever (yet?). Honestly, we do not understand all the fuss about the show bags. Maybe we missed it in our childhood. The only reason we would go there one day is to see the biggest pumpkin of the year and the prettiest cake.


No instead of taking the bus to the easter show Continue reading “Long Easter weekend 2013”


No time to relax with the Kemna Family. It has been a while since our last post, and a lot happend since. Everything is going fine and this week we are experiencing the hot Syndey summer, including the hottest night in many many years. The temperature did not drop under 30 degrees. The newspaper of today says:”41 degrees: Sydney’s sixth day of sizzling”. With some sadness we think back to our Dutch home in Nieuwegein where we installed Airconditioning in the bedrooms, to stay cool and have a good sleep on that terrible hot day in The Netherlands ;). Continue reading “Changes”


After months of waiting for that visa, in January, we sent off our stuff down under… Today, a container with our household has arrived in Sydney, just 2 weeks before we do. Next week, our cats will be sent off and arrive in Sydney before we do. Last week, my parents were in Sydney, before we’ll arrive there. Last weekend, my wife’s parents booked their visit to Sydney. All this before we even arrive there. It’s true, reality is taking over. We have a pretty hard time here waiting for the day when we can get on that airplane. 6 … Continue reading OMG!

Farewell Tour

Although we both still have our daily jobs to go to, we’re sort of having our own farewell tour. A few weeks back here in Holland it was ‘Carnaval’, which, for grownups, generally means dressing up and be drunk for 4 days. However, for kids it’s just the dressing up. So, for Zoë, we had a Mega Mindy suit and for Tim there was a Mega Toby suit. Anyway, Tim was so excited that, as his mother in her youth, he got sick the day he could dress up and show his suit at school. So he had to stay … Continue reading Farewell Tour

Moving Phase Two

So, last week we moved to my parents’ house and all our own stuff was sent of in a sea container to be shipped to Australia. Today, our container was loaded on the cargo ship that will arrive in Sydney around the 8th of March. So, come to think of it, our stuff will be in Australia long before we’ll arrive. Last week we started to get acquainted to ‘living out of a suitcase’. Because all our own stuff is shipped, we’ll now have to do with whatever clothes we took with us. Of course, the first day, I messed … Continue reading Moving Phase Two


After months of preparation, we actually booked our (one way) tickets to Australia. It doesn’t seem important, but it means that we actually have a date now. There is a huge difference between knowing that you’re going sometime, and actually having a date and a time. Actually, we have a few dates now: the days the movers are coming to wrap up all our belongings and send them off to Australia and the date we’ll be following. Somewhere in between there is another date to book: the day our cats are sent on their journey. Although we prepared everything possible for this event, … Continue reading Booked!

Taking The Next Step…

Some of you may know we’ve been busy getting a skilled independent visa for Australia. Yeah, we’re dead serious about moving there permanently 🙂 I’ve also updated the site’s logo with a view from the Brisbane South Bank to emphasize this. Last year, I’ve been working very hard to get my RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) with the ACS (Australian Computer Society). Even though I was worried about this, I got it the first time around 😉 In December, we were informed that the RPL was acknowledged and that we’d only have to get a ‘pass’ score at the IELTS … Continue reading Taking The Next Step…