It’s been 4 hectic weeks for me to find a job and I can now safely say I landed an opportunity. Although everybody around me says that it really isn’t that long, I just can’t stand it to not have an income. You wonder how some can live without for years… anyway,

The last 4 weeks I’ve been in contact with a lot of recruiters to find a job here Down Under. Some of them asked me to take online tests (which I aced all of them). Even got an excellent interview with a company that were looking for a Sr. Java Dev. However, as the interview progressed, the client learned from me that they weren’t looking for another developer, they needed a testing consultant, which is, in my eyes, a completely different role. They did change the role description online the next day 🙂

But back to the search, perhaps because we came here in the wrong time (Easter, ANZAC weekend etc.) it took the agencies a long time too to respond, there were perhaps just too many long weekends and holidays going on to respond quickly. But, then again, if you’re waiting on something, time is not on your side.

Nevertheless, I got back in contact with Capgemini and I have to say, they made a very, very competitive offer for me to rejoin my former employee. I was offered a great role being one of their solution architects for the Sydney area and it was very inline with my career aspirations and I would be back in the cap-family as I’ve liked to be over the last four years. I would have taken it if it was just me. But… it’s not just me.

We came here as a family and one of the biggest pitfalls for new emigrants is exactly that. The person working quickly builds up a network but as he/she’s working, perhaps travel a lot, busy, at least for 5 days a week, and he/she also doesn’t get that much involved in whatever goes on at the home. Or worse, whatever is not going on at home. At least we have two children, so Melissa wouldn’t be home alone, but I can imagine what it would mean to be alone in a strange country without a social life.

Capgemini offered me a very nice role in which I personally would be able to continue where I was in the Netherlands. (Thank you fellow Capgeminists) However, it would mean that it was not sure that I would make it home each day. (Actually, it could very well have meant that I’d to fly to Melbourne each Monday to return Thursday or Friday for a long period of time). Normally I wouldn’t mind that, but right now, the first few years, I can’t do that. We need to get settled as a family so I had to turn the offer down.

Luckily, there was an alternative. Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I got a call from a recruiter about a role at ABC, the national radio and television network. The next Monday I had my first interview and the next Tuesday the second. And just within a few days, I suddenly had two job offers and a choice. So, you could say that I’ve waisted a lot of time searching when it could all be done within a 4 day period 🙂

We (me and my wife) deliberated much on each position and what it meant to our migration here. In the end, the arguments that made us come here in the first place (more family value, more family time) led to my decision to go for ABC. In the end, we came here as a family. People have to understand that consultancy in the Netherlands means that you have a maximum of 200km north or 200km south to your next client. This country is a tad bit larger and consultancy here means that you’ll have to accept to be away from home for the majority of the week.

Now, it may now seem that I took the job at ABC just to be with my family, nothing like that. It’s a greenfield role where I can be of mayor influence to one of the most established institutes this new country has to offer and I’m very keen on taking on that role. And if that also implies that I’ll be able to spend a lot of time with my family, it just means that I’m one of those lucky guys who’ll be able to get best out of both worlds 🙂

It was a hard decision to make but  sometimes the selfish gene survives best when being just a tad bit less selfish :-). And perhaps, in a few years… I may just rejoin the Capgemini family once again. (especially if Jeroen continues to push the Open Source community as he’s been already ;-))

Cheers from Down Under!

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  1. bart.van.riel says:

    Hey Taco (en familie),

    Gefeliciteer met je nieuwe Job! Als ik nog eens terugkom naar Aus, zal ik ‘s kijken hoe ABC veranderd is.

    Goed om te zien dat het voorwaarts gaat.


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