What?! Finally?

After 13 months of silence, finally something has happened! We were assigned a case officer just last Monday! This means the DIAC has actually opened our file and requested medical and justicial information from us. The longest wait is over now. With the economical crisis and such, we were pretty afraid nothing would happen for a long time.

Finally we can go ahead and get the final few documents. Actually, we arranged for those documents and made arrangements for the medicals the next day, but it’s still pretty exiting to see that things are finally moving again.

This also means that within 3 months we’ll know if our visa is granted our not. After waiting for 13 months, we now can move forward because we now know we will either be granted or denied a visa but the silent waiting has at least come to an end.

Of course, we’ll be devestated when the visa should be denied, but at least we’ll have some clearity. However, we still believe that the visa will be granted, so we kinda already started planning the next steps 🙂 It’s always better to stay positive when chasing dreams 😉

When you wait for something like this for so long, strange things happen with your private life. You don’t really feel like redoing the garden because you don’t know if you’ll be leaving or not. Woodwork doesn’t get painted, you keep on using items that should have been replaced, but you know you don’t want to move them. You don’t buy that 84″ LCD widescreen because, well, the old tv still works and we’ll not be moving that. Little things that need work when you plan on staying, but when you think you will be leaving, they don’t get done.

Another example, we need a new drying machine, but why bother buying one here when we might be in Australia the next year? These things take up huge space in your container. Now we at least know that it will be only 3 months left before we know where we’ll be buying that new drying machine, here or in Australia 🙂

Hopefully, next time I write here, I hope I’ve got something great to tell,


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