And on day 56, man creates post…

It’s been 8 weeks now since our arrival at Sydney Airport and it have been a busy 8 weeks. But, I can say with a lot of results.

I’m now in my 3rd week at work at the Australia Broadcasting Corporation and Tim is already in his 4th week at West Pennant Hills Public School.

Tim in school uniform

Though I’ve never been fond of public transportation, it’s almost the only, reasonable, way into the city. It would cost probably around $50,- or more a day on parking and some more on gas & toll. And, as we’ve (for now) only have one car (which you really need if you’d like to go anywhere in the Hills) it was a no-brainer that I was to go by bus & train.

The other man in the house has been going to kindergarten and is really advancing quick on his language skills. We feared we’d never be able to get him into a school uniform, he actually is quite fond of it. I just hope he’ll grow out of this uniform fetish before he turns 18 🙂 Right now, it’s still cute.

The day after we moved in, I went to pick up our cats. We were afraid that they’d hate our guts for shipping them off like we did, but it didn’t take them long to adjust to their new home at all. Right now the only problem here is that they can’t go in or out without our help. But as it’s a rental, it’s not really an option to whip out my saw and install a cat flap.

Coming to that, I’ve never really rented a house. Sure, when I was a student, I lived in a shared house in Utrecht, but I bought my first apartment when I was 24. Now, not that I’m a big DIY-er, but whenever I felt like hammering in a nail, or drill a hole in any of my walls, I could do so without having to ask for written permission. But getting into the home-owners game down here is pretty expensive at the moment. But, who knows, perhaps I should join with what seems to be one of the main sports Down Under: betting.

I can’t remember that I’d have a single TV channel for horse and dog-races, but here I have 3! And there are at least 3 lotto draws a week and TAB locales all around. Coming from a country where it’s still disputed if Poker is a game of chance or a game of skill, it’s impressive to see how incorporated betting is in normal life. I’m pretty sure that there’s some bookie somewhere that’ll take a bet on me getting to work without delays.

As for the women, Zoë is not yet allowed to go to kindergarten although we both feel that she’s ready. Back home she would have gone right after the Summer but here she has to wait until January. And there are waiting lists for daycare, so there’s a little vicious circle. Melissa can’t really go for a job unless there is a secured spot for Zoë, and we can’t really afford daycare unless, well, Melissa has a job…

But the schoolyard has proven it’s value, other moms have tipped us about the many playgroups she can go to on an ad-hoc basis. This kind of knowledge you really can’t google for 🙂 Anyway, before people start complaining again that these posts are too long (sorry Anne :-)), I’ll just leave it at that for today 🙂


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