Herring & Mortgages

So, with the Dutch elections over with a landslide move to the right, our most notorious ‘suspected’ killer behind bars in Peru and the first barrel of Dutch herring (nieuwe haring! I crave for just one!) going for no less than 58000,- euros (yes, that’s 1288.8888888 and a lot more 8888’s behind that) a piece, which comes roughly to the monthly down-payment on our mortgage for our Dutch home, it’s finally time to actually announce some good news:

– The World Cup Football is just about to start and I’ve taunted my German colleagues by wearing my authentic Orange jersey. As I said the day before I would be wearing it, one of the Germans wore his country’s jersey and we had some laughs about it. It didn’t even end with spitting in each others hair. It’s actually quite funny that you’ll have to move to the other end of the world to befriend your neighbour. The only sad thing is that I’m a bit vulnerable to picking up accents and I’ve noticed that I start to sound like Herr Flick around them…

– Ok, really, the real good news :-), we sold our house in the Netherlands yesterday. It has been on sale since September last year and even though the housing market here Down Under is booming, back in the Netherlands it has almost come to a complete and utter halt. I’m pretty happy to say that we no longer have the burden of, well, a ‘herring a month’ on top of our lease down here. We loved that house and neighborhood, but you just can’t take those with you. And as we don’t plan on coming back, it was just a bit too expensive for a second house.

So, with that financial burden lifted from our shoulders, we can finally repay the loans we had to take out to move down here and start building up again. To be able to say that after less than 3 months here is actually quite impressing, having a great job, Tim doing awesome in school, no loans hanging over our heads anymore and ending up in the plus each month from now on sure gives a great feeling of security.

We’ve actually started our secondary goals already, Melissa is researching ways to make an extra income by becoming a Virtual PA (which I believe she will be the best at, excuse this shameless plug, but it’s true ;-)) for at least as long as Zoë can’t go to school. In the Netherlands she would have been allowed into first grade (e.g., kindergarten), but down here she’ll have to wait until January. Sad, as she’s so ready for it already. I guess having an older brother does give some advantages… (I can tell, I have one 🙂  )

Well, as you can read, we’re doing well, the future looks quite bright and we’re all pretty happy. Of course, I’m already concerned how I’m ever going to own a house here, as the prices of property have sky-rocketed here, but really, between you and me, being worried about that is probably just a luxury 🙂

I guess I’m not much of an underachiever after all 😉

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