Worldcup 2010, Maus and Poes


I realize that It’s been a while since my last post, but I didn’t feel like writing at all. First, just after my last post, the football Worldcup 2010 took place in South Africa. As a fan of the Dutch, I tried to watch all matches, but that’s quite hard, as some matches took place at 4.30am. A time I normally try to spend in bed and as our bedroom TV didn’t survive the trim down under (unless, of course, when you don’t mind hallucinogenic colors).

Having a few German colleagues, it was also fun to follow the Mannschaft and well, if Spain didn’t beat us both, we might have had a dream final. But alas, first the Spanish team took Germany out, and in the finals they rightfully won as well. But by that time I didn’t have much interest in football anymore, let me tell you why:

During the last week of the world cup, my dear friend and friendly cat Maus got really sick. For some reason he was suddenly very tired and didn’t move much anymore. So we took him to the vet, where after a few days of tests, they discovered he had a rare cancer in the red blood cells. So on Thursday the 8th of July, we had to let him go.

I always joked about how one of our cats would surely die from some spider or snake bite after arrival here when people asked me how much it costed to take them with you. Well, it wasn’t a spider bite, it was something he already had in the Netherlands, but for some diseases, if you don’t look for them, you won’t find them, especially since cats are masters at deceiving you and hiding their illnesses. I’m just glad he was really happy here when he was reunited with us from quarantine.

Kipp, our other cat, kept looking for him for days, inside the house, outside the house, positioning himself in strategic places, he kept wondering where his best friend had gone. And as Maus was always the talkative one, the one that came to your bed to make sure you were safe, the one that knew the difference between your and other cars and immediately came to greet you when you got home, we agreed the house was just too empty. But it couldn’t be another male, nor a black and white one. So, we decided that if there was ever coming a new cat, it could only be a red, female one.


So, we called the vet and asked if there were any kittens currently been left for adoption. You see, we didn’t want to buy from a store as it’s really sad to see the cats in a shop in a mall, especially when you know that some people don’t neuter their cats and simply drop the offspring at a vet, if they’re lucky.

And as you may have guessed by now (well, kind of hard not to, with that picture…), we went to a local vet to see if they had a red, female kitten and there she was. Her brother was picked up a day earlier and Poes, as we called her, just stole our hearts and we couldn’t let her stay there another day alone.

Previously Kipp was our ‘small’ cat and he really looked small compared to Maus, but when you see Poes next to Kipp, you realize how big Maus actually was, and how tiny Poes still is. But it sure is fun again, having a busy kitten running around, catching your toes, fighting with toy mice and most of all, hunting the tail of that large grumpy grey fellow Kipp.

Well, so much for what happened in the last two months, there’s more of course, but I think I’ll keep that to myself for a while, or at least until the website is ready… You’ll just have to come back to see what I’m talking about 🙂


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