Visa Granted!

Ok, ok…

I should have told you earlier, but the fact is, I just couldn’t believe that after 27 months of waiting we finally got our visa. When Rob from Move2Australia called us (heck, I think it was around 4am HIS time, now that’s commitment) at 17.45’ish on july 1st I didn’t have words. My wife actually broke down in tears and I at first thought we were denied.

But the news Rob brought was not the end of something. Ofcourse, it was the end of waiting and waiting and waiting and, well, waiting. But it was also the start of new things. I waited to post here to get our passports back from the Australian Embassy in Berlin and when I saw that visa attached to my passport, that was for me the moment to finally believe it. Our life here in Europe will end at 01/03/2010.

You’ll have to set a date for the move, so we picked the first of march to make that move. The next thing for us to do was to inform our employers that we’d be gone and put our house on the market. From the day we got the visa, we’ve been selling a lot of items on marktplaats (the dutch equivalent of eBay), the less we take, the better. You can’t imagine people selling everything they own but I guess we do, why bother bringing items into Australia when it’s cheaper to sell them here and buy them back there. After 36 years clinging to any item in my household, I for some reason can’t get rid of most of them soon enough 🙂

We’ll be moving within 6 months, can you imagine what that does to a person? Within 6 months, a new life with a lot of open ends will start. Nothing regulated, all new, nothing secure, everything unsecure. At the age of 36, I feel like a teenager leaving his parents. Sure, there is a risk of longterm unemployment, sure, there are so much things new (laws, taxes, how the heck do things work down under?) but it also gives new energy, a lot of new energy to your life.

Actually, for once in my life, my future has become unsecure, scary and uncertain.

What a rush! 😉

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