Long Easter weekend 2013

Finally a long weekend with no plans or appointments. Although we are in Australia for 3 years now, and we are adapting the aussie lifestyle, we are still not infected with the easter show fever (yet?). Honestly, we do not understand all the fuss about the show bags. Maybe we missed it in our childhood. The only reason we would go there one day is to see the biggest pumpkin of the year and the prettiest cake.


No instead of taking the bus to the easter show on Good Friday we did absolutely nothing. As Tim says nothing? We played, relaxed, stayed in our pyjama’s for a long time…. What a lovely way to start the weekend. Easter saturday we had to do some shopping and went to Hornsby. Of course, relaxed, so we started with a cup of coffee and thought of our dutch family and friends who were enjoying a beautiful spring day with a maximum of 6 degrees. This autumn saturday it was around 27 degrees, with a lovely bit of sunshine. After the shopping we had lunch and the kids were so happy to go to the sushi train and have all the delicious things they liked.


After two relaxing days we needed to go out on Easter Sunday. So we decided to go to the zoo and see the seal show. We left early, went to the city by train and to the zoo by ferry.

Zoë brought here note book and wrote down every step of our zoo trip. Even after Visiting the toilets she asked for a moment to write down. Zoë the amazing reporter.

We arrived at the zoo before 10 am and it was lovely. The gorilla’s were waking up and we had a demonstration about the water and not taking care of our environment made possible by Sydney water.  With a beautiful model and some colours and water they were able to explain the problem to the kids. So no more bottled water and washing the car on the grass from now on.  The sea, show was nice, and those animals seem to enjoy themselves. Ok they got lots of fish during their performance. Only sad to see that also this show is heavily sponsored by Woolworths. And of course they promote fish with a certain logo/certification. I haven’t done the research yet, but it would’t surprise me if you can buy this sustainable fish at Woolworths.  When we left the zoo around 12 and weren’t allowed to go dow to the ferry by sky train, we were happy to leave as it was getting very, very busy. After lunch in the city we went home again.


Easter Monday was a day for relaxing and cleaning up the mess of the last few days. We went out to look at some beautiful piano’s. tim and Zoë were excited as they were aloud to play on a grand piano while mam and dad were looking at the more modest digital piano’s. we ordered one and hope it will be delivered this week. Zoë is enjoying her piano lessons and taco can’t wait to play either.


Now on Monday evening we are relaxing, prepare for the coming week…

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