After months of preparation, we actually booked our (one way) tickets to Australia. It doesn’t seem important, but it means that we actually have a date now. There is a huge difference between knowing that you’re going sometime, and actually having a date and a time. Actually, we have a few dates now: the days the movers are coming to wrap up all our belongings and send them off to Australia and the date we’ll be following.

Somewhere in between there is another date to book: the day our cats are sent on their journey. Although we prepared everything possible for this event, which means that instead of 180 days in quarantine, they now only have 30 days of imprisonment ahead, there is still the language barrier between human and cat.

How do you prepare your cat for such event? You can’t tell them that you’re actually trying to do the right thing and take them along but that they’ll have to be quarantined for a while. Now I won’t make the comparison with children, but it’s a strange idea to have your pets locked up and sent off around the world with nobody there they know to pick them up. (of course, they will be picked up and taken care of by the kennel that will hold them during the quarantine)

On the other hand, it’s of course a lot easier to know that they are safe and sound in some kennel while you are in transit. It wouldn’t be a great idea to have 2 cats on your lap for a 21+ hour flight. And on the bright side: they’ll be in Australia before we arrive 😉

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