a place to live (for a while)

So, last time we booked, set a date etc, etc.

Not far from today, all our stuff that we won’t take with us in our hand baggage, will be put into a container to be shipped overseas. So, from that point onwards, we’ll be living from our suitcases. This is a weird thing to do actually, as here, now, on the northern hemisphere, it’s winter. So we need thick clothing, heavy shoes, winter jackets etc. But, when we arrive in Sydney, on the southern hemisphere, it’ll be end of summer. So what do you put in your suitcase? Warmer winter clothes or let’s say, swim-gear?

Of course, there are some items you do have to take with you personally, for instance, as I’ll be doing a lot of job interviews, I need to take a nice suit, some ties, neat shoes etc. The whole shebang. However, I still need to live here in the Netherlands for the coming few weeks, so I also need some thick woolen sweaters, socks made of sheep, gloves and that great ‘muts’ I bought at JFK airport when I visited my brother in New York a few years back

(oh, if anyone knows what the English name for ‘muts’ is, let me know, it’s this kind of thing:

NY muts
NY muts

yeah I know, We’ll be running a lot of untranslatable things the coming few months :-), it’ll be a great learning experience)

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be needing it down under, but I’m still gonna tag it along with me. But the same goes for the family, we just recently bought Tim the best winter jacket ever, but by the time we’ll ever see the mountains and ski… he’ll be perhaps 2 times the size the jacket is now. We need it now, but the moment we get on that plane… ahwell…, we’ll manage 🙂

Anyway, having a place to stay when we’ll arrive is just one thing, from there on, we’ll be looking into housing, getting medicare and private insurance, tax file numbers etc, etc. But it’s a relief to know that whatever happens, we’ll have a roof and a bed for the first few weeks. Now we only need the hotel for the first night and a car to get us to this first installment. I’ll let you know when we’ve got those bases covered as well 😉

for now, sir out! Cheers!

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