Moving Phase One

So, when we booked the flight, we got a date. We booked the temporary new housing so we know where we are when we land in Sydney, but there were still a few things to manage:

  • Select items you really need close by, put them in a suitcase.
  • Ship out all your other stuff.
  • Find a place to live between the days when all your stuff is in transit and the flight.
It wasn’t that hard to select the items we really need, basically, it’s clothes. It’s freakin’ cold here, so you really do need sweaters, coats, whatever keeps you warm. So we actually packed for 5 suitcases knowing we’ll only take 4. There is a lot of woolen stuff we imagine we don’t need at hand on arrival.
Shipping out the other stuff (couches, computers, consoles, china, all that stuff that fills up a house whether you do or don’t really remember what’s it for, books, magazines, stuff you may or may not need, toys, your bed, your television, anything of value, whatever) was a different thing.
Yesterday, the movers came to pack all of it in crates and boxes, today, they came to pack the rest and load it all in a container. Now it’s gone, not to be seen again in 8 to 10 weeks as that is the time it’ll take to ship it down under.
So this leaves us with the last point, where do you live when your household is shipped? Thankfully, my parents actually booked a cruise that takes them around the world, so we’re living in their house right now, so this is like a knife that cuts at both sides: we’ve got a place to live and they’ve got people to babysit their house, if, of course, we leave it intact…
The day before we moved here, I moved some suitcases here and I needed to take some tupperware with me back to my house to store some of the smaller items we need over the coming few months. I got shot by a screw that came loose when I opened a cupboard in the kitchen. Later I heard that my wife had been warned by my father that this was a common problem (phew…I thought, here I am, day -1 and I already break stuff…)
The first day we were all too tired to break stuff, so let’s skip that day.
The next day (yesterday from this perspective), we discovered that the dvd/hdd recorder didn’t have any EPG (electronic program guide) anymore. I thought I’d finally discovered how to break things by only toughing the remote, but gladly it was because the local television provider decided to remove the channel that broadcasts the EPG. So this wasn’t my fault after all.
However, this decision from the television provider renders the dvd/hdd recorder absolutely useless, as it seems you can only program recordings using that EPG and with the EPG gone, it’s just a nice little box that sits there consuming electricity. So we were left with 17 or so analogue channels and no EPG.
But, my dad told me that they also had some digital television device that just needed to be plugged in to work (I can imagine that he left it for me to install, but I can be wrong…). So, I opened the box and discovered that the box had been there for almost 4 years. The letter that accompanied it referred to settings that weren’t current anymore. It just din’t work.
Using the internet, I found some settings that worked and now we have 80+ or so digital television channels and a few useless analogue recording devices. So I wonder, when I leave, will I restore the situation ‘as it was’ and revert to the 17 or so analogue channels and an absent EPG or will I keep the current setup when they at least have 80+ channels, but no way to record any of them…
I guess time will tell. Stay tuned!

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