Moving Phase Two

So, last week we moved to my parents’ house and all our own stuff was sent of in a sea container to be shipped to Australia. Today, our container was loaded on the cargo ship that will arrive in Sydney around the 8th of March. So, come to think of it, our stuff will be in Australia long before we’ll arrive.

Last week we started to get acquainted to ‘living out of a suitcase’. Because all our own stuff is shipped, we’ll now have to do with whatever clothes we took with us. Of course, the first day, I messed up my belt, some undergarments and some socks. I guess these clothes just don’t want to come with us.

Anyway, with nothing left to do at the old house, we’re now focussing on the administrative side of emigration. We’re rounding up all existing subscriptions to cancel, quit our jobs, tell the daycare that we don’t need their services anymore from March onwards, what companies to send the new address too (as we don’t have one there yet, I guess we’ll just use one of our parents’ addresses). For instance, my current company will need an existing address and bank account up until April 2011.

Meanwhile, we do finally get some peace of mind. Our stuff is safely shipped, there is nothing we can do about that anymore. The next ‘big’ thing is to have our cats picked up and sent over the ocean to Sydney. It’s been a pretty hard time for those critters, having to move to a house where they are limited in space (we used to allow the to walk outside and upstairs, but now they are confined to the living room). And now when they start to get used to their new situation, in a month or so, they will be shipped in special life-stock baskets all the way down under. There, they will have to share a single, small space until their quarantine period is over.

Now don’t get me wrong, we did it all the right way, if we didn’t, they’d have to be 180 days quarantined in Sydney, but as we got them all the shots at the right times, that incarnation has been brought back to 30 days of lock-up. At least it won’t be solitary, but they’ll still be behind bars. And there is no way a human can prepare them for that fate. No matter how hard you try, you can’t explain that you’re having them put behind bars because you love them and want them to be a part of your family. It’s sad, and perhaps we’re more worried than they are, but I guess that’s what love means anyway.

So, with 8 weeks to go, we’re pretty much sitting it out, setting up dates with friends, getting the books together and stringing up the loose ends. Which reminds me, would I be able to keep when I should get 🙂


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