Farewell Tour

Although we both still have our daily jobs to go to, we’re sort of having our own farewell tour. A few weeks back here in Holland it was ‘Carnaval’, which, for grownups, generally means dressing up and be drunk for 4 days. However, for kids it’s just the dressing up. So, for Zoë, we had a Mega Mindy suit and for Tim there was a Mega Toby suit.

Mega Mindy & Mega Toby
Mega Mindy & Mega Toby

Anyway, Tim was so excited that, as his mother in her youth, he got sick the day he could dress up and show his suit at school. So he had to stay home 🙁

But, the rest of the week he was dressed up all day as Mega Toby, so in the end he got his share of mega-ness.

As we both quit our jobs (but still have some days to go) we’re planning our going-away parties/receptions/dinners at work. With only 3 weeks to go, it is going to be pretty tight to get everyone in the right spot at the right time, but you can always try.

Another thing that is going on in Holland is the collection of the 2009/2010 prime league soccer player cards. And of course, Tim wants to collect them all. As you can imagine, with us leaving the country, there is a huge pressure on me to get all of the 270 or so pictures. Now, with 3 weeks to go, I only need a single one (056, so if anyone can help me…). At least I’ll have 3 weeks now for only one picture.

Something else we’re doing excessively is abusing the frying pan. Given the fact that ‘kroketten’ are pretty much a typical dutch snack, it’s almost like we’re trying to get our share before it will be a rare occasion to get our hands on a kroket. (And what to think of ‘vlammetjes’ or ‘frikandellen’, as you can imagine, these are hard times and at some point we might need new clothes..)

So, in the light of the Farewell Tour 2010,  we’re also breaking the bank at the local fish-store. I know that for instance the ‘paling’ (eel) may get extinct in 30 years or so, I can’t help myself but rarely buy a small portion of this tasty fish. And ‘haring’ (herring) are fish that are most common to the local seas, I don’t think they’ll make it all the way down under, so we don’t miss any opportunity to get our hands on those.

Another thing we’re not that custom to is to having our stuff on sale on a local auction site. We’ve sold a kids-slide, a swinging chair, a bed, some of my diving equipment and a huge bedroom closet. We’re still negotiating on the garden furniture and the car is also on sale. It’s hard to imagine that even if you put items online for free, that sometimes nobody wants them. Ok, a 19″ CRT isn’t something I would want in my computer room in 2010, but it makes you wonder about the ‘increase of poverty’ reported in the news, if nobody even wants your widescreen TV…

Anyway, with 3 weeks to go, there is still a lot to do, having those dinners, receptions and drinks, trying to see some people for a last time for a long time, eating that typically Dutch food you may not get your hands on and buying CD’s from bands you’re pretty sure won’t make it in any Australian chart. And I’m sure that when we live down under, we may remember a lot of things we should have done.

But then, we can start planning on a vacation up here 🙂 Till then, I think we can get ourselves occupied with all the local and south-east asian foods & drinks 🙂 Hey, it’s been almost 8 years since I had some decent snapper & veal as ‘surf’n’turf 🙂

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