After months of waiting for that visa, in January, we sent off our stuff down under…

Today, a container with our household has arrived in Sydney, just 2 weeks before we do. Next week, our cats will be sent off and arrive in Sydney before we do. Last week, my parents were in Sydney, before we’ll arrive there. Last weekend, my wife’s parents booked their visit to Sydney. All this before we even arrive there.

It’s true, reality is taking over. We have a pretty hard time here waiting for the day when we can get on that airplane. 6 working days for my wife, 8 for me, 12 nights total, our stuff is there already, my kids don’t speak english, we’re out of work, 12 nights before we’re somesort of homless aliens without a job in a strange country. My gosh, what are we doing…

But then again, we also feel very confident. This is what we want and wanted. Finally, we’re going to live the dream we had. We planned and prepared almost every aspect of this move, and still, it’s like walking blind in a desert of dreams. Will we make it? Yes we will. Will we find housing? Yes we will. Will I find a job, in time to make payments? Yes, we will.

It’s a huge step into the blind, but then again, we prepared so much, but there is only so much you control, there is only so much you can plan for. Sometimes, you just have to do before you think. And when you think about it too much, you might lock up. I say, we’ve locked too much, this time, we’re really going to do it. I guess we’re as much as prepared as you can ever get. And still, we’re taking a next step into an invisible, unplannable future.

We’ve thought about it for a long time and in two weeks, we’re going to do it. And we’ll succeed. And even if we don’t, it’s better to fail when you try then to never have tried before.

CU next time, we’ll be back 🙂

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