Down Under Continued, Day 2 and 3…

So, I promised to write smaller posts, I hope I’ll succeed today…

Yesterday we set out on a mission to secure medicare. Medicare is something the Dutch may compare to the well known ‘ziekenfonds’ we used to have years ago. Medicare takes care of your medical bills unless you want something special (like, hey, an operation…). Anyway, within the hour we filed for medicare, we also added a private health insurance to cover whatever medicare doesn’t, or at least, whatever we wanted to have covered. (I still feel that I really don’t need a mammagram or an appointment with my gynecologist, however, I can imagine that Melissa doesn’t need her urologist to check out her prostate, but you never know what other people feel like insuring…)

As we have a pretty good internet connection at our cabin, we went back for the afternoon so I could research the whole housing problem a bit more. It seems more and more that when you want to rent a house, you’d better have a job. However, if you’d like to have a job, you’d better have an address. So, as from yesterday, we’ll be using the camp site’s address as our own. We aren’t even lying there as this really is our home now. I just changed my resume to reflect my new location and went back on the SEEK website to respond to job advertisements for the rest of the afternoon.

Today we set out first to see local real estate businesses and check out if they could help find this family a house. This ended up in two appointments for tomorrow, so perhaps, we’ve got news for you this weekend. Afterwards, we went back to have a swim again and I started to look into the car market. It seemed to me that I really had to go to Parramatta, a part of the larger Sydney area where they have some sort of car salesmen alley, or more, road, or, perhaps better, area, or well. You see, here stores are either large (Parramatta has a mall that has at least 7 stories, with each storey having at least 100 stores) or spread out (it took us 20 minutes to pass from the Holdon car display to the Ford car display, just to find out that the Ford display only had the new Fords and that if we wanted to see the used Fords, we needed to go 3 blocks down…)

In the end we bought a Holden Commodore (not the car of my dreams) at $7990’ish. My only interest was that it was an automatic (as I’m still not used to stick-shifting with my left hand) and that it had an airconditioner (you really can’t do without it here, traffic either goes through highly dense inhabited parts of the city at 60km/h, or sits almost still in wide open sun running at most at 5km/h, either way you need to cool down). We agreed that we’d pick it up next wednesday when we are to return the rental in Parramatta anyway, so hopefully our banktransfer from Holland to our Aussie based accounts will get through before that.

Which leaves us with only 2 challenges left: me finding a job (pretty important) and us finding a house (as said, probably dependent on me finding that job first). I admit, not a bad score for a 3 day stay Down Under, but I won’t rest until I’ve got them all checked off my list.

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