Things that make me nervous…

Last wednesday, we got the 1999 Holden Commodore Acclaim 3.8 litres V6 (I’ll up some pictures asap). It sounds like a lot, especially from a Dutch point of view, where 1.8 is regarded a ‘decent’ gasoline car. I can’t imagine how those cars would perform here in the Hills, as sometimes the inclination seems to reach at least 45 degrees or more. Anyway, with a 3.8 V6, there is nothing easier for a ‘special achievement’ then the slope test, trust me on this one.

We also got rid of the ‘green machine’, a tacky green Ford Falcon XR6 we were hireing for the first week. Thanks to the guys at Europecar, I’ve now got a whole new appreciation for the concept of a scratched bumper. It’s nothing, invisible, not even there. I guess we Dutchies are too focussed on keeping the paint razzle-dazzle… If you’d ask me, I’d say, that car got it’s groove back, maybe 12 of’em, but who car(e)s… Anyway, so far on the green machine you see on the left here 🙂

Thursday the 1st of April I had two appointments in the City. It’s strange that when I applied to job postings from the Netherlands, I never got a single response by email, but since I can produce a +61 phone number and a 2000-series postalcode, people contact me. I guess most employers are afraid that you’ll ask them to be your sponsor for the 457-visa when you don’t have local information.

I took the bus into town (from Dural, it’s $12 AUD a return ticket). At first I wondered how that bus would even get into town within the promised hour, as it was stopping at almost every corner. But when it cleared ‘the Hills’, it went on the express way, straight into town. I can’t tell you how it feels to see the view of the Opera House from a bus driving down the Harbour Bridge. For some reason, that felt great.

I hadn’t arrived or I got another phone call from another recruiter and we agreed to meet around noon. Three appointments in a single day… I can say they really need good software engineers down here. But why didn’t they just respond when you wrote them the first time?…

Now, it’s Easter, and this seems to be a big holiday down here, at Good Friday, everything was closed, even the pool (although it said it was closed for maintenance, nobody was maintaining it). Today (Saturday), we went to the Castle Hills Mall, which is a 4 stories few 100 yards large mall where run a larger chance in finding the meaning of life than finding your children if you’d lost them.

Tomorrow and Monday, all life will seize to continue down here as Easter really is a big thing. I wonder if the Pope knows. Either way, I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to see if I can get a job in a really short period. As said earlier, you need a job to get a lease and I really, really want a lease because I really, really, really (did I say really?) miss my stuff that’s in the container. And in 3 weeks, our cats will be released from quarantine so I really (here we go again) really want a house for them to come to.

There really are more than enough jobs for me, the only question is how soon I’ll get one. I’m so fed up with living out of my suitcase, you can’t imagine…

Hopefully, I’ll have a date with my container by the end of next week 😉

Oh, by the way, to the right you see a picture of our $8K holden Silver Bullet we’ll be driving from now on. It may not be pretty, it may not be smart, but it got balls like no Dutch car does. Here’s almost 4 litres at ya, losers! (Thankfully, gasoline doesn’t cost that much as in Holland, otherwise I wouldn’t be laughing :-))

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    Nice ride! Good luck with your job interviews!

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