Taking The Next Step…

Some of you may know we’ve been busy getting a skilled independent visa for Australia. Yeah, we’re dead serious about moving there permanently 🙂 I’ve also updated the site’s logo with a view from the Brisbane South Bank to emphasize this.

Last year, I’ve been working very hard to get my RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) with the ACS (Australian Computer Society). Even though I was worried about this, I got it the first time around 😉 In December, we were informed that the RPL was acknowledged and that we’d only have to get a ‘pass’ score at the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to get the last 15 points needed. Although I’m a tad bit pissed that I didn’t pass it with all 7+’s, I passed with flying colors. (I guess I forgot I was supposed to write in ‘British English’, not ‘American English’ ;-))

So, finally, our application to the DIAC (Department of Immigration And Citizenship) has been sent in. Since a year or so, you can apply with the DIAC digitally and this will only take a week or 8. However, Melissa’s brother is going to get married in August and my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in December, we’ve opted for the good old analogue method. Sure, this will hold us back another 8 months, but then again, we’re not the kind of people that rush into anything, this is not the kind of thing you go in without planning thoroughly.

So, now we wait for the DIAC to contact us about the last two final steps, a health check and the request for a declaration by the Dutch Justice Department about my character. I really don’t think there will be a problem there, but you’ll never know… To prevent being infected by tuberculosis, I think I’ll only travel by car from now on… (Like it has ever been any different ;-))

Not knowing about your fate for months isn’t what I’d prefer, but for our planning, it’s probably the best thing to do. We plan to have our visa granted around September which leaves us with enough time to sell our house at a decent price and have our cats officially proclaimed ‘rabies free’ so they won’t have to stay in quarantine for too long.

So, now you know, perhaps in a year… for now…

Cheers Mate 😉

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