A new home

Over the Easter weekend (which seems to be some sort of national holiday of great magnitude down here), we we’re left with nothing much to do but drive around and do mostly various incarnations of ‘nothing’. Life really shuts down completely here analogue to Jesus’ death. So, forced to do absolutely nothing but hanging around beautiful areas as the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park we spend the Easter weekend as most Australians do.

This also meant that there was nothing to expect from the employment side as even the recruiters took a long weekend off. To give an impression of what Easter means, normally, on a Sunday, you’d be able to go to a Mall and probably find most of the shops open till say 9pm. On Good Friday, you’ve got a bigger chance to strike gold or find an oil-well under your bed than you’d find an open shop. Except for the gasoline stations, whose prices have suddenly risen 10 cents the litre, just to make as much profit they can from travelling families.

So, Tuesday, life started to emerge from the trenches of Easter and I got into town to have a talk with another recruiter about a possible position at an insurance company. It sounded promising and after I told the bloke that I preferred to insure income over the next few weeks, he said he’d make sure I would have an interview this week. Cuz, as said, you don’t seem to get a chance on housing unless you have income.

Now, having said that, we went to inspect another property on Wednesday. We explained to the property manager that I didn’t have a job at the moment, but that there is a good chance I’ll have one by the end of next week.

This time it seemed to be no problem at all, as long as we scored enough points on a certain system they used. We needed like 100 points and we got 15 for having a picture ID… We got another 15 for having another picture ID. We also got like 30 for having Medicare and we got another 30 for having bought a car which is in our name (called REGO here), some more points for having a drivers license (which I felt was pretty convenient when you own a car), and some more for having a registered bank account (which is indeed pretty handy when it comes to buying that car in the first place).

our 'townhouse'

However, I shouldn’t complain about this system, as with this system we suddenly had enough going for us to land the property and we did, so, we now have a new home! Yes, it’s that house you see in the picture. Without having lived a day in that house, we still had to pay 4 weeks rent and another 4 weeks bonds.

So, within 2 weeks after arriving, we did find a house and I now have 4 more weeks to generate an income. I’m pretty confident that I will, but it’s always stressful to not have a home and evenly stressful to have one without a job. But, as said, I now have 4 weeks to solve that last puzzle of our migration Down Under. And I’m pretty sure I will.

And best of all, after having lived out of suitcases for 3 months now, we can finally order our container to be delivered to our address and get all our stuff back. I can’t await me reuniting with my favorite pillow :-).

Oh, and perhaps best of all, in yet another week, our cats will reunite with us too. I think I’ll smother them to death when we’ll pick’em up 😉

Next time, I hope I can tell you the name of my new employer, it might just be a name I’ve grown very familiar with over the last four years, but who can tell 😉 Keep in touch!


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