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OK, now, I can blog about all the stuff that’s happening with our family and our endeavours Down Under, but I can also just sum up some stuff that interests me as it’s either weird or just so different from my flatlanded Dutch mindset that it ought to be logged somewhere.

  • one of the first tv shows I saw on public television was ‘Costa’s Garden Odyssey’. This is a gardening programme, but it’s nothing like the stuff we have in Holland. No, here there is some fully grown leprechaun or flora-hippy that goes by the name Costa. If you’d like to know, go It’s not that he’s not right, it’s just that with a beard like that, people either think you only grow plants that contain THC or that you’ve obviously incidentally struck the correct formula for LSD and this is all an imagination.
  • Another tv series they run here I never heard about is Underbelly. Now on for the third season, it’s a ‘dramatised faction series’ about Australia crime. The third season is set in 90’s Sydney Kings Cross. Guess what? The main character, John Ibrahim, actually exists in reality and is nicked ‘Teflon John’ as obviously, nothing ever sticks no matter how hot. Or it must be that he has that teflon red spot too 😉

  • As said before, Easter is a huge holiday here, 2 weeks off for the kids, re-enactments of the crucification of Christ in shopping malls, 10ct a litre raise of fuel to get the most out of holiday travellers, it’s huge. In Sydney it’s also the start of the largest agriculture display of the year, the Royal Eastern Show. It’s like showing off your cattle and ferris wheels. It’s also the time you get a ‘Showbag’. No, you don’t get it, you pay for it. You see, it used to be a bag full of promotional stuff you’d also get in Holland, you know, the folders, some sweets, sometimes a gimmick, whatever.  But no, it has evolved in themed bags with over $50 worth of merchandise in a $10 bag. You can’t leave the Royal Easter Show without at least 3 showbags. Want to know the contents? Check this:
  • Driver license issues… Ok. I can buy a car here and I can register it in my name and I can drive it. I can do all this by just having a drivers license. Which I do, actually, I even bought that ‘international drivers license’ you can get at the ANWB in the Netherlands. Which basically is a translation into a few internationally renowned languages, among others English, of that Dutch drivers license. However, if you’re at the RTA (Road & Traffic Authority) to convert these into a New South Wales drivers license, you need a translated version of your Dutch drivers license. Now, I thought that was exactly what that international drivers license was supposed to be, but no, I need to get my Dutch pink license translated by a certified translator (for which they have only one address, or it’s a family member, who knows…).
    So we still need to have that translated, at least, in the meantime, we won’t be able to score ‘Demerit Points’. Australia has a system of awarding you points for offences you commit. Say, running a red light x points, driving too fast y points etc., until you’ve reached your 3-year maximum of 12 points if you’re unrestricted (they have P2, P1 and Learners permits here too, ranging from 7 to 4 demerit points max. From a percentile point of view this means that a young driver is more evil when caught drunk driving than someone who has been drink’n’driving all his life, doesn’t differ that much from the Netherlands as we’ve got different allowances of alcohol too for young drivers).
    Anyway, getting back on Easter and this, there is a huge difference between Australia and the Netherlands when it comes to these ‘demerit points’ and that is the time when you score these. You get the double bonus when you’re caught during a long weekend, Easter or Christmas and New Year. Yes Dutchies, you get the ‘Bonus verdubbelaar’ for free on your demirit points at those special dates. So, not only is it more evil to drive drunk when you’re young, but it’s even more evil to do this during a holiday… This makes me wonder about road safety during a normal weekday, but hey, who am I…
  • Ok, that last one was a bit long, so now for a ‘shortie’. I don’t how to say this, but for every word in the English dictionary there is an Australian ‘-ie’ variant. So, English Dictionary would become Engie Diccie. A headache would be a headie, there’s jummie for your tummie and a blowjob would probably be a suckie. This also explains why there is a difference between the real meaning of hurry and their hurrie (which means something like ‘somewhere next month, or earlie…)

Ok, not to spoil you guys too much this time, I’ll leave it at that, there’s absolutely more and I will post it here when I figured it out myself. For now, so long and till next time, Cheers mate!

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