Even though it looked al well on our last post, today, we are somewhat dissapointed.

When the Australian government changed the law on immigration late August 2007, a surplus of over 20000 applications were filed just before that closing date. This now slows down the normal immigration process so that the last few months the counter has been stuck on October 2007.

Normally, applications are always assessed 8 months late, but because of that law change, the system slowed to over 12 months. And with the ongoing maladies regarding the economy world wide, we’re almost in dispair. The ‘what if?’s fly over and on a daily basis our need for information becomes almost an obsession.

The relief of having a go or no-go (where the no-go would be a devestating result) would at least take the uncertainty away. I can understand the Australian governmen taking the time to asses each applicant thoroughly, however, for us, to have to wait for a result is so demanding. This is our dream and even though we’re certain we’d outdo any expectations, we’re still waiting and left in the dark.

As a result and a means to kill time, I finally took up guitar lessons. I’ve owned a guitar for most of my life, unable to play the six strings as I wanted to, however, lately, I think I’ll manage between you, me and a fire 🙂

A guys’ got to have something to do when others decide his fade 🙂

I guess it’s no wonder why I love to play the blues 😉

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