Busy or slow, what’s the difference

It’s been over a week now since I last wrote here. Wow, time sure flies when you’re busy! (I wouldn’t say it was all fun, as moving house never is, at least not to the guy that is supposed to remember how bookcases are to be put together, should know how the bed can be restored or is supposed to get TV, telephony, electricity and gas installed) Oh and meanwhile I’ve also been to the city a few times to either go and have another chat with yet another recruiter instead of a real client.

Let’s just continue where we left off. We got a place to live, but we didn’t have a release date on our 20ft container which was still at customs. It wasn’t going to be released unless we paid another $70 because our TV was less than 2 years old and there was supposed to be an import fee paid for it. This explains why you don’t see any Philips TV here. Why import a 32″ from Holland when you can get a 42″ from anywhere within Asia at the same price.

Anyway, after we payed the additional fees, our container was finally cleared and Tuesday we got the liberating call that it could all be delivered next day. Within 20 minutes however, this was pushed to Thursday morning. No worries, as the holiday camp wasn’t overbooked and we were able to add another day to our 3 weeks.

However, the next day I got a call that the truck wasn’t going to be able to make it up the hill and I should pay for a $500,- a day ute (utility vehicle) to get the contents delivered in our home. As we had a brand new (huge) fridge and washing machine delivered by a pretty huge truck the day before, I felt the need to slightly disagree with them on this one. The workers kept disagreeing with me, so I finally succumbed, and my call was forwarded to the management.

Strangely enough, they weren’t that sure themselves that it was really necessary, so it ended somewhere with a line like ‘I’ll talk to the manager and I’ll get back to you’. Which she did, by leaving a message on my voicemail, while I was busy trying to recharge our prepaid phone from within a supermarket. By the time I managed to have the prepaid operator to accept the fact that I was really me and that I owned my creditcard with I’d used to buy the damned prepaid in the first place by reading out loud (because of the reception) each and every detail on that credit card (there are now at least 20 customers in that store who are able to buy stuff on my account), it was already 4.30pm and I couldn’t get back to the guys that would be delivering our container contents the next day. Who knew what ‘management’ had decided.

Anyway, the next day, the guys arrived pretty much on time, with an ute, and we’ve till today never been contacted by their management. It took them less than 4 hours to get everything from the truck in our garage and most of it to the right room in the house. No complaints whatsoever on that. By dinnertime I had put together a table and our bed and we were ready to spent our first night in our new home.

The next day, I put together two other cabinets just before I had to go into the city for another interview. I bought a prepaid data stick in the city so we wouldn’t be out of internet until the landline is installed (which still isn’t, note to self: call them tomorrow). Then, as you know when you move house, I’ll have a weekend full of work even though you’ve promised yourself that you would also enjoy the weekends a little. Later afternoon on Sunday, I even completed some Java programming tasks that one of the prospective employers wanted me to do.

That’s another thing. When you come here, it’s probably better to find work from overseas and have them sponsor your visa. Because, when you are here, you’ll have tests thrown at you no matter what your track record says, there is a Catch 22, you don’t have Australian experience. Although the circumstances weren’t ideal (moving house, online from a campsite or through a stick), I’ve managed to average the top 25% 0n all of them, but nevertheless, I’ve detected no forward movement after completing them. If I remember correctly, one of the first tests I’ve done (and scored a 95%), I haven’t heard from them at all since…

But there are some bright lights luring on the horizon too. One recruiter I hadn’t met in person called my Friday afternoon. Got me an interview on Monday. I managed to get a consecutive interview today (Tuesday) and it may just result in an offer tomorrow (Wednesday). So, most things go slow down here, but sometimes, you’re in the fast track. Anyway, over the coming few days I’m pretty sure I’ll get a job offer, and maybe two. And with having found a school for Tim, if so, we’ve managed to restore normal life within a month. A house, a job, a car, insurance (health, house, car) and education for the children.

So, tomorrow, we’re out to buy the BBQ Melissa got from her parents for her birthday and if all goes as planned, at the moment I write this, somewhere in the Netherlands, someone is signing the provisional contract to buy our house in the Netherlands, which has been on sale since we were granted the visa. So, if those last two ‘details’ are finally set, I can say that we’ve succeeded in a complete movement Down Under in under a month. Record breaking, ain’t?


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